The Life of a College Athlete is very challenging but Jenna Lividini expresses that it is still a great experience and it is all worth it.

Life of a College Athlete

Life of a College Athlete

  1. Playing collegiate basketball at any level regardless of it being Division I, II, or III is a major achievement however, not everyone at the college or in the country see it as such.
  2. The ability to play in college means that the player is extremely talented and dominated the High School level. The problem with going to college is that some people believe they have an easier road to success.
  3. Students believe that they have people who do their work for them and they take easier classes so that they can stay eligible throughout the season. Division I schools have the toughest, due to the constant media coverage they receive.
  4. High power programs such as North Carolina and Syracuse have been recently found guilty of academic fraud by having tutors write athletes papers or allowing athletes to pass the class without doing any work.
  5. The lower division levels there are not as much media coverage because the talent is not the same. Players who play at the Division II or Division III level are not getting drafted into the NBA and Division II and Division III basketball is not as much as a business as Division I is.
  6. Division I basketball generates millions of dollars every year so there is a lot more pressure on the teams to perform. An institution like The College at Brockport a Division III school still has some of these issues. Students at the college take offense to the fact that people on the team get college credit for playing a sport.
  7. Tarchia Cox a junior at R.I.T and is also an athlete, and she believes that the credits given to student athletes are fair.
  8. “I think the fact that we get college credit is extremely fair because we sacrifice that time studying to go to practice and games and we don’t get put on scholarship for it so allowing us college credit is a fair trade,” said Cox.
  9. A typical day in the life of a college athlete is a lot more stressful than a normal student’s day. A normal student’s day is getting up going to class and then working a couple hours and going home to study.
  10. Hannah Spencer a member of the women’s basketball team at the college talked about what a normal day for her is like.
  11. “I go to class after a late night at the library. Then I go to practice which consists of timeon the court, film, and weight room. Then I go back to the library,” said Spencer.
  12. Jenna Lividini also a member of the women’s basketball team talked about how important time management is in being an athlete “If I know that we are going to be getting back late I will get all my homework done before so that I won’t be stressed out about it later,” said Lividini.
  13. Time management is a common theme among athletes because their day is so busy with mandatory things that they do not have the leisure time that other students get.
  14. They don’t have the time on weekends to go out and party or hang out with friends because they have games or work to make up that they couldn’t do during the week because of basketball related activities.
  15. Playing basketball at the college level is something that many people want to do and those who don’t play might not always see everything that they go through but the sacrifices that they make is something that not everyone would want or would be able to do.
  16. The early morning practices and the time commitment of playing a sport is something that people should have more respect and admiration for instead of degrading them and thinking that they are handed everything they get.



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